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Edible City is no longer being updated. Truck locations and data is for demonstration purposes only.

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About Edible City

Edible City tracks food trucks by using website schedules, Twitter feeds and user comments to put their locations on the map. We like to think of it as guided serendipity.

Q: The truck info panes won't scroll on my iPad!

A: Here's a little-known tip for the iPad: You can use two fingers to scroll the info boxes up and down. This is true on other sites as well, not just this one.

Q: How accurate is the data?

A: It's as accurate as the information the trucks themselves post on the web. Locations and times can often change without notice, so it's important to scan the trucks' Twitter feeds for the latest info straight from the source.

Q: The truck isn't where it's supposed to be! Wha' happen?

A: The real world doesn't always like to stick to the plan... Sometimes the trucks can't find a parking space, or maybe they had to relocate for some reason. Look around the corner and the surrounding blocks for the truck. We're adding as many truck photos as we can to help you spot them!

Q: I found the truck! It was a block away!

A: Nice! Now do the next truck-seeker a favor and use the Report Location Update button to help other folks looking for the same truck.

Q: Who made this?

A: So nice of you to ask! Mike Pick and Tim Murtaugh, the guys from Monkey Do made this. They love both food and web sites, so this seemed like a natural thing to work on. Monkey Do is available for other projects... maybe you have one? Get in touch!